Form submission as an "activity type" in service hub


Form submission needs to be an "activity type" in the service hub. 


We use forms from our knowledge base, from our sales pages, and from our support pages to collect as much information as humanly possible when interacting with our customers, and this works great. 


But forms is apparently not a part of the service hub, but is owned by the marketing hub. A fact that was not focused on in the extensive onboarding we had. Hubspot was sold to us as one system that interacts and can do it all, not 3 different silos that are vaguely connected. 


When our sales staff and customer service employees work with tickets generated from forms, it takes a lot longer compared to when you get everything neatly presented as you do when receiving it as an email in the ticket system.


We suggest creating an activity type for form submissions in the service hub, this would tie the 3 products market hub, sales hub and service hub  a lot more together, and allow companies to truly use forms as a support/sales/ system. Rather than having to resort to third party email systems. 


Ideally the activity type would summarize all the information such as title, content, selected categories, file uploads, name, contact information, or any other property you have connected to your specific form as one post to the activity feed.

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This is a good idea 👍👍 That would make the system more user friendly 👍