Form Submission from Forwarded Email


If an email is forwarded to a co-worker or friend, and they use a different email address when filling out the form, HS should not update the contact the email was intended for. It should have created a new contact in the system, especially if its on a different computer.


By having the cookie over rule the email address submitted, it means you are defeating the whole purpose of getting new names from our inbound activities. Plus without realising the change has occured, you now are sending the wrong person information intended for the original person.


This is a bad practice all the way around.

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 This is a big problem for my organization as well. I set up a report in salesforce to notify me when an email address changes so I can see which contacts have been overwritten by coworkers. To separate the two contacts I have to create a new contact with the original contact's information but then I lose all of the history of that original contact. If I create a new contact with the forwardee, then I lose the recent form fill out for that person. Either way, I lose information on a contact.


This is a problem for everyone. This really needs to be addressed. C'mon Hubspot, let's get this on the list of "to-dos."


This is a big issue for event registrations having the wrong person registered because they were forwarded the email. please fix.


This is really hindering campaign performance and creating customer service issues.


Yes - this doesn't seem too logical. In the 8 months since we went live with HubSpot, this has already happened twice with impactful consequences for us. It seems particularly strange that any subsequently submitted email is added to the record, which plays havoc with synchronisation to a CRM like Salesforce.


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Hi all,


We deduplicate based on email address and usertoken/cookie and considering how important cookies are to our systems, I don't see that changing.  However there are different options to tackle this common issue:

  • You can set up a notification system so that you are notified when this occurs as I have outlined here
  • Add link for users to reset the form - as outlined in this article
  • There is a new tool that is currently in BETA and due to go live soon that will also assist with this issue Smiley Wink
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This feature has now gone live, you can read more about it here and within your form setting options, you can find the toggle to create a new contact for a new email address as per below.