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Form Submission Receipt



There should be a functionality when creating a form, to enable customers receiving an email receipt after they submit anything through a form.


They should receive a copy of their submission within their email. Similar to how Google Forms functions. 


Currently, when our customers use our Hubspot forms, they have no documentation or proof of their initial submission. We often have to send this back to them.

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Agree!  The ability for copies of form submissions covering all possible object fields would be very useful as a confirmation receipt.  i.e. ticket properties and contact properties without having to set up an automated marketing email dependent on contact properties as the sole input.  Even just a copy in similar fashion to internal email notifications would be useful.

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Same for me and my customers. I think it will be necessary especially in the German market where you need all kind of proofs and documentaions.

Thanks team!


Yes please, and it is frustrating this isn't already a feature and automatic!