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Form Follow-Up Emails

Why can't we send HTML emails as part of HubSpot's new form follow-up email tool? The plain text emails don't allow us to add CTAs, images, and other essential email elements.


Until this is resolved, we will have to workflows to send our HTML autoresponder emails.formbeta.PNG

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Agreed!  Instead of using the basic builder, it would be great if we can create these follow-up emails in the general email builder and then just attach them in the "create follow-up email" part.


ALSO, it would be great if we can send these follow-up emails from a "FROM ADDRESS" instead of just a "FROM USER".  I need to add a contact@ which is not an actual user...See below.
from user.PNG

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Agreed with everything above!




Yes! I would also add that the ability to preview/test these emails without making a form live would be extremely valuable.


Agreed, it would decrese the number of workflows too.


Bumping this! HTML emails would be great as the follow-up so we don't have to create the email separately and then create a workflow. Seems like extra work to me!

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Totally agree. The entire feature of follow up emails is pretty much worthless to anyone with a brand/aesthetic they need to adhere to until they allow either: 

a. any automated email to be selected as the follow up 

b. images, colours, CTAs, etc. to be added in the follow up email builder


upvote for html follow-up, this is vital for people on starter plan as they do not have workflows as a fallback



Agreed - I even had the option to write HTML in this reply, but not in a follow-up marketing email!


What they said!


Has anyone found a workaround for this to send a nice follow up e-mail automatically once a form is filled out?


This seems like such an obvious requirement that I don't know why Hubpsot hasn't created this.


You used to be able to do this and I have no idea why they changed it. I used to be able to use a "regular" email that I saved for automation as a follow-up email. It seems silly and messy to need to create a separate workflow for every unique follow-up email that I want to send if I want HTML in the emails. 


Agreed. I literally just want to use a template that I've already made for these. There's no reason to have this as a separate "feature" that ends up being a huge downgrade.


Agreed. At a minimum, I would like to at least personalize the response form the contact record (i.e. name). 


I figured out a way to do this. In Marketing Email, filter to only the "Follow-up Email" under Type. You may need to create one first from within the Email editor itself, but once you have one of these Follow-up Email types created, you can then edit it in the HTML editor by going through Marketing Email > filtering by type, and just clone it each time you want to create a new follow-up email.Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 3.25.21 PM.png


Totally agreed. I hope there will be an update on this soon!

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Completely agree with this. Also, we have multiple company addresses for our different global offices. Using the current approach we can only use the default company address in the email, we can't switch to any of our other office addresses.


Completely agreed.  The function as it is is useless, I do not know of any company that would send out a mail like that without any branding  or anything.


Agreed. I also wanted to add that the footer does not allow you to select pre stored signatures. Should be a neat idea but I dont see ourselves using it as it is right now.

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Agreed. Being able to create a follow-up email when clicking Create email from Marketing so you don't have to create emails in 2 different places would be useful. And if I want to use a template I created with the drag and drop builder I can't for follow-up emails since it only lets you select the predesigned templates but you have no way yourself of creating your own. Seems like pretty poor UX to have to do the same thing in different places especially if after the email is created you can access it from your email list anyway or having to rebuild a template since you can't save one of your own. 


Additionally being able to create an email with strictly HTML would also be useful as sometimes we use the drag and drop builder and sometimes we code in HTML.