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Why can't we send HTML emails as part of HubSpot's new form follow-up email tool? The plain text emails don't allow us to add CTAs, images, and other essential email elements.


Until this is resolved, we will have to workflows to send our HTML autoresponder emails.formbeta.PNG

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Agreed!  Instead of using the basic builder, it would be great if we can create these follow-up emails in the general email builder and then just attach them in the "create follow-up email" part.


ALSO, it would be great if we can send these follow-up emails from a "FROM ADDRESS" instead of just a "FROM USER".  I need to add a contact@ which is not an actual user...See below.
from user.PNG

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Agreed with everything above!

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Yes! I would also add that the ability to preview/test these emails without making a form live would be extremely valuable.

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Agreed, it would decrese the number of workflows too.

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Bumping this! HTML emails would be great as the follow-up so we don't have to create the email separately and then create a workflow. Seems like extra work to me!

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Totally agree. The entire feature of follow up emails is pretty much worthless to anyone with a brand/aesthetic they need to adhere to until they allow either: 

a. any automated email to be selected as the follow up 

b. images, colours, CTAs, etc. to be added in the follow up email builder

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upvote for html follow-up, this is vital for people on starter plan as they do not have workflows as a fallback


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Agreed - I even had the option to write HTML in this reply, but not in a follow-up marketing email!