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Form Fields are far too long

The form field in the CMS editor is far far too long, when I'm adding fields I want to create a nice clean editing experience but it's difficult with the sheer amount of additional fields on the form


You can see from my screenshot even a simple form is too long, as soon as a form has additional fields it quickly grows.

The simplest solution would be to nest all the subsequent fields after the dropdown in a drill down menu 

Field Title
[Select box]
[Form Options >]

Furthermore I don't know anyone that uses the form fields inline editor.

You could at least give us options to disable fields when adding them through the fields.json

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Hey @matt_scott I'm no longer a HubSpot employee but I was when we rolled out the CMS module and the additional informational fields in the main form editor. Would love to know more about this to help the current team build a better product. 


Just looking at your screenshot I see there is 

Form fields 

Button Text

GDPR Options

Thank you 



Are you saying you'd prefer there to just be something like form fields, then everything else nested under a seperate dropdown? 

I'm not sure what you mean by [Select box], what is it you'd expect to see here? 

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Hi @TomM2, thanks for the reply
By select box I mean the select dropdown to choose your form.

I don't like the form fields inline editor at all, never used it, just get rid of it, 99% of the time I just want to choose a form from a dropdown.
If I want to edit the form I much prefer the UI of the full form editor, and would much prefer a simple link to the full form editor (not just through the actions dropdown).
It's also not obvious with the inline editor that changes you make here will apply to all places this form is used.

But essentially I would like to see something like this:

Form Field.jpg

Maybe get rid of the horizontal line to make it obvious that the form settings is part of the above field (this is a issue across the general field UX that any fields that return multiple fields in the UI don't necessarily look connected and part of the same field)

Then when you click on form settings you would see something like this (I meant to use arrow downs not arrow rights):

Form Settings inner Default.jpg

And then you can expand them:

Form Settings inner After manual expansion.jpg

Alternatively: I guess since collapsing them saves so much space and removing the form fields option too maybe you don't need the form settings so I guess you could have this as the default, the fact everything is expanded by default is just very annoying:

Form Collapsed.jpg

All of this is, is just me coming up with some ideas in 5mins that would vastly improve the experience