Form Fields: File Upload - Allow adding multiple files even after closing the dialogue box


So the forms tool currently allows users to add a file upload field and it's very useful, but not always intuitive for the end user who is submitting the form.


It seems that you need to select all the desired files from the dialogue box at once when uploading multiple files.



If you select one file, upload it to the form, then click the Choose File button again, the second file that is selected will overwrite the prior selection. It can make it seem like the form does not allow uploading multiple files at all to the contacts interacting with that content. There is no prompt/instruction indicating that they need to be selected together at the same time.


It would be great if HubSpot could implement the functionality to be able to add the files one at a time to account for users/contacts who may not be familiar with how to select mulitple files at once in the dialogue box.