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It would be brilliant to be able to pull form analytics into the reporting dashboard, for example being able to save Overall Submissions and the breakdown of choices picked in a dropdown select option within the form itself. 

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This is a HUGE downfall of HubSpot and causes a ton of friction for me across my client base.  HS does a great job reporting on contacts and a terrible job of reporting on forms and conversions.  Since many of my clients are focused on upselling, tracking the source of each form is important.  The fact that HS cannot report on total conversions OR on conversion source is a significant oversight and really puts Marketo at an advantage here (from my understanding).


I ought to be able to graph total form completions over time, form completions by source, and any particular form completions overtime. None of these are available in a dashboard.  It forces too much reliance on Google Analytics and other tools for this purpose.