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In our company we use the value field ARR instead of amount HS default field to calculate our forecast and targets - and it is really annoying that we can't use the field that we use to put our ARR value in the calculation of our forecast. Would be great if you could consider changing the calculation from amount to the value that the customer wants to consider in their forecast calculation. 


It would be great if you could consider this as an improvement option. 



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I know the forecasting tool is new but giving us the ability as admins to customize the fields used to construct the forecast would be ideal. We use custom amount fields and date fields in addition to "Amount" and "Close Date". It would be awesome to customize the forecast tool by the various sales teams using it so it can be as accurate as possible to each group. 


It would also be great to add exclusion filters to the forecast 'total'. We have 'Parent' and 'Child' deals associated to the relevant-level organisation and need to filter out 'Parent' deals in order to not duplicate revenue. At the moment we are unable to do this within the forecast tool so have to do forecast reporting outside of HubSpot. 


@SRoberts I totally agree! I've also had that challenge with trying to sort between different deal types in the forecast. As a FoodTech company, we have recurring clients and one-time event clients. Our AEs are held to a quota of recurring clients sold but without an exclusion filter on deals, my forecast is always overstated because it includes one-time events. 


The only solution I can think of, which isn't great for reps & managers, would be to create a separate pipeline for one-time events (or parent vs child deals in your example). The Forecast tool is linked to a pipeline, so in this way you could do the splitting yourself and then have an accurate forecast. I can't imagine the headache it would be to have my sales team having to juggle two pipelines but technically this would work. 


HUBSPOT! Please help us!


Hi all,

We really need this too, we're trying to calculate weighted ARR instead of "amount" and this is causing issues on our end

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+1 on the behalf of a customer! 


+1! We would also like to use ARR in the forecast tool instead of the deal amount.


Yes! We need this to reflect MRR vs. total amount. This tool is almost useless to us with calculating the full amount since that amount will not actually be billed during the months that are represented in the report even if the deal is closed. Please. please. please. Help with this, HubSpot. 


HubSpot's unability to accurately reflect MRR is a huge miss that is difficult to believe hasn't been address as of yet. The inability of any CRM system to accurately reflect a company's MRR can have significant consequences, including

  • inaccurate financial reporting
  • suboptimal pricing
  • inability to identify opportunities for upsells or cross-sells
  • ineffective customer lifecycle management
  • difficulties with business planning and valuation.

Addressing these issues by ensuring the CRM can properly track and report on MRR is crucial for the success and growth.

Why has HubSpot not addressed this??