HubSpot Ideas


Forecast Tool Improvements

The forecast tool is great however there are some issues with it.


First, you can't omit a team from the forecast tool, which is problematic since teams are used to organize groups of users, including non-sales / quota-bearing users. Hubspot is used as a CRM, marketing tool and service desk, so having all users appear in the forecast, instead of just sales users, appears in the forecast tool makes no sense. There should be an option to select which users/teams should be included in the forecast tools.

Second, the forecast tool view is organized by teams and there's no option to change the view to indidivual users. You have to drill into the teams to get a user based view. Different view options should be included as this creates a lot of tedious clicking to get numbers for indivduals.


These features would make the tool a lot more functional for reporting and forecast tracking.