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Forecast Date Range- Custom for Fiscal Year

Would be helpful to be able to filter the date ranges on the forecast feature in a custom range. For instance, we run on a fiscal year July1- June 30. And now, as it stands we can not forecast on this date range. 

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October 25, 2022 08:55 AM

Hey HubSpot Community, 


Thank you for the feedback. 


The team is running a beta that allows you to manage goals and forecast based on your fiscal year. If you'd like to participate in the beta, please fill out this form.


Thank you for making HubSpot CRM a better tool. 

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June 02, 2021 07:09 AM

Hi all, 


The product team is looking at this now and hope to have it available soon.




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We definitely need this too.


Much needed for our company also.


Does anyone have an idea how I can record the sales target to be achieved per year so that it is then distributed linearly over all 12 months in one report? And in another report in the best case accumulated month by month? 


I noticed that HubSpot has released a custom fiscal year option a few weeks ago, if you go under account setup > account defaults its under time zone.  You are able to select your fiscal year ie - april to march - march to feb and so on.  Its still a work in progress, but its sarting to reflect in forcast reporting 


Thank you KEssop

The ability to define the fiscal year is a step in the right direction. What I miss, however, is the possibility to deposit a budget to be reached, let's say 6 million, that is 500,000 per month. I have found a variant on the Forecast level, but there I have to enter a budget per person. However, we are not USA Sales-driven per person, but as a whole team or as a company. We all want to reach the goal and we do not book a turnover per person, but simply on the group. I am looking for a solution for this.
One version would be to enter a fictitious employee and then assign a sales license. I would then take this fictitious person into the forecast and store the 500'000 per month. I would then post the invoices created from our project management tool (not HubSpot) to this fictitious person via Zapier. What do you think, could this work?


This feature is very much needed, we would really like to use the Forecast feature but in its current format it is difficult. 

How are others managing this, do just check the figures for each month (what a pain!)? 

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This is something that would add value to the majority of your users, and make jumping between key dashboard filters while analysing metrics far easier than having to enter custom date ranges. This would be a simple but hugely impactful addition! Would love to see it in place for my clients.


Needs to change... Especially when you are paying for this as an extra feature and it is inefffective


Completely agree with this, too! Setting a default FY would save us a lot of time having to customize the date ranges of our reports, forecasts, etc...

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It would be great to be able to set an account default for "Start of fiscal year". And this would then add filtering option like "Next fiscal quarter, Current fiscal quarter, etc.

And this should also be available when setting quarterly sales targets. 

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We really need this!

This is so fundamental for a CRM... I'm having to continue relying on Excel
to achieve this as my back up report!
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Hey @BobFed @NicoleJ @AHermansson @TNadolski @BrianGunner & @ everyone else on this thread!

This feature is now in place, and has been added to the reporting tool for rolling fiscal year based date ranges.

You can watch a quick video on it here:

Really glad to have this in place, saves always having to update those date ranges manually 👌

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@JoeDavies That is for the custom report builder. We are talking about the Forecasting tool, where fiscal year customization is not available yet.

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@JoeDavies , @NicoleJ is right. It's in the Forecasting tool it is urgent needed! When is it available there?


Well that was disappointing. Custom reports only?  Why not available on ALL date related filters? 

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Yep, you are right @NicoleJ @MortenL @SCole7  - it's exciting to see it being rolled out across reporting types, so this is a plus at least, and you'd hope it would cover all soon.

They released it recently, and very quickly added it to custom reports, so you'd hope it will come to forecasts soon too - but as to timeframes your guess is as good as mine.

When they first added fiscal years, it covered no reports at all!

Fingers crossed and sorry for the false alarm 😅


I would also like to have the Fiscal Year related filter parameters available in report filters!!!


I just upgraded to add the forecasting functions for my company. I assumed I did not have a setting correct, even though I had set my FY to Feb/Jan. 

Not being able to report on FY forecast is a show stopper. 

Please note - setting team goals also is fixed only to a calendar year.  


Please advise as to when this will be addressed as I am planning to add 10 sales reps in the next quarter.  I really do not want to move to SFDC...


Thank you,



We just started using the forecasting tool and its obsolete if we can't customize our date ranges. Our fiscal is Sept 1 - Oct 31.