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Forecast Date Range- Custom for Fiscal Year

Would be helpful to be able to filter the date ranges on the forecast feature in a custom range. For instance, we run on a fiscal year July1- June 30. And now, as it stands we can not forecast on this date range. 

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Same here! Our Fiscal year is 2/1 - 1/31 so the tool isn't very helpful if I can't customize it. 😞


We also need Customized Date Ranges in the Forecast Tool. 


This is absolutely critical to our Sales Month.  We operate on off calendar sales months.  We work from the 10th of each month to the 9th of the following month.


The option for customized date ranges is needed.


Please do this - seems like a pretty easy change. Our fiscal is Nov - Oct.


Hello everybody,

in the forecasting function there is no possibility to change the calendar year i.e 1st of July 2021 until 30th of June 2022. It would be useful to at least add a custom date filter in the forecasting, since many companies have do not workt with the typical calendar year.


If there is a current workaround within the reporting section to create a similar forecasting, please let me know.


Ditto to other comments in support of this functionality.

I had requested this functionality as one of my HubSpot trial criteria nearly 3 years ago, to replicate my primary Excel sales forecast report... but could not get agreement to proceed, because of the lack of this 'simple' feature at the time... and continued using Excel. HubSpot has since moved on significantly and recently decided to proceed with it, as the advantages far outweighed the disadvantages when comparing to Excel, but suprisingly have found that it still does not allow for custom forecast reporting to be aligned with our fiscal year (April to March)! There will be millions of companies globally that do not operate with a calendar year as their fiscal year... and surely it's about time such an option was made available rather than having to run 2 separate calendar year reports and having to merge the output to get the information needed for a company's fiscal year? Please can priority be given within the HubSpot RoadMap for this feature, thank you. BobFed



Same for us as we are April to March and currently cannot use this feature.


We need the sales goals (and all analytics functions/reports) to be applied and measured according to fiscal year, not calendar year.


Right now, our sales goals are showing that we've met our goals for the entire year...except we haven't since we're only one month into our fiscal year and goals are measured on that schedule.


Additionally, in the reporting area, I'd like to see the manual forecast based on "date range by go live date: 'after' date." Our company measures revenue by go-live date (the date revenue is actually collected), not close date. 


I totally agree - the forecasting tool needs the additional dropdown list to include This Financial Year and Last Financial Year, This Financial Half Year and Last Financial Half Year and then a custom date range.


100% agree our quarters do not run in calendar quarters, we have now had to change reporting to monthly to get some correct reporting. This has obviously limited us from using the full functionality in HubSpot. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, 


The product team is looking at this now and hope to have it available soon.




Hi Lars,

Appreciate the update... this is such a *fundamental *part of my usage of
HubSpot, that I was surprised that this flexible fiscal year / 'rolling
four quarter' (with totals) reporting was *NOT *possible, without having to
create two separate reports each time!

Please advise if/when incorporated, as I have started to consider switching
to another CRM... that's how important this capability is to not only
myself, but to millions of companies that do not operate with a Jan-to-Dec
fiscal year.

Kind regards,

Bob Fedorciow

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same for us, this would be very helpful thanks!

In support of this response.

The current HubSpot reporting functionality should NOT be restricted to a
calendar year, ie 1st January to 31st December, but enhanced to have
flexibility over any user defined (12 month) period, as per my original
requirement request, which is to allow for my company's fiscal year, 1st
April to 31st March, (or indeed any other period) to be presented on one
chart and not split over two.

Thank you.



We need this too! Pretty fundamental.


We need this as well and would be very helpful! thank you

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We sure wish we would have this option by now. Wouldn't have to recreate our dashboards every year 🙂

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Bumping this for a customer! 

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Any updates on this feature?