Force 2-factor authentication (2FA) for all users to comply with GDPR

In relation to GDPR we need to ensure that our data is protected the best possible way, and the Hubspot setup right now is that each individual user needs to turn it on. 

I'm suggesting an option for the Admin to turn it on for all users, so that they're forced to have it, just like we have in Salesforce. 

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This is a critical requirement now. especially as companies are being targeted by hackers and having thier data held to ransom. 

This feature should be an account-wide setting. 


Please Hubspot - this is quite urgent! 

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Agreed- this is an important one! 

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It would be great to have this as ad admin on / off switch as mandatory for all users on an account. Best,

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Agreed.  This would be very useful tool and help with compliance.  Should be standard.

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Absolutely necessary in today's world!

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 Yes, we need the same due to GDPR.

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Hey everyone, I wanted to drop into this thread & let you know that this is definitely something we hear you on, & something that we want to do our best to solve. Privacy requirements & account security are things that we & our customers take very seriously, as well we should.


I did want to let you know that, while we don't have a solution in place for this precise request, we've just added a visual icon that will show you which users in your portal have currently enabled 2FA, & can also let you know whether or not that user has generated any backup codes (something we strongly recommend that they do!) You can see the new icon in the Users & Teams section of your portal settings. If a user has the filled version of the icon, shown below, they've enabled both 2FA & backup codes. If they have an unfilled version of it, they have 2FA but haven't completed backup generation yet. The filled icon is shown below:




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That is a great start and will be a big win for us and compliance.  Thanks!

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Indeed, I have to many users accross two different hubspot biz accounts to be chasing down all my staff asking if they've enabled 2FA. I really need a way to force users to setup 2FA upon login if they don't have it.



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Need this also