Force 2-factor authentication (2FA) for all users to comply with GDPR

In relation to GDPR we need to ensure that our data is protected the best possible way, and the Hubspot setup right now is that each individual user needs to turn it on. 

I'm suggesting an option for the Admin to turn it on for all users, so that they're forced to have it, just like we have in Salesforce. 

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Ditto, really important in todays world

Please update when confirmed or in scheduled release

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Your only as strong as your weakest point - this should have been a standard part of 2FA from the outset!

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Upvote as well!  Definitely a must have. 

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I agree. We have a large client who is requiring 2FA for all users (agency and internal) and we need to be able to force this function without chasing down 30-40 users distributed around the nation.

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An email from HubSpot tells me that this feature is about to enter beta testing.

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Please add us to the beta for this feature as well.

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Community Manager
updated to: In Beta

Hey all, we certainly do have a limited beta going for this feature at the moment. If you'd like to be added to the beta, please send me a private message here with your Hub ID, & we'll get you sorted! Thanks.

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I have upvoted this ... And also commenting here to add some pressure Smiley Happy. Agreed, it is a key element to enforce 2FA on all users or even selected number of users. Thanks in advance, Hubspot

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Add my upvote as well. Manually verifying users have this enabled and don't turn it off in the future is no fun. I need a way to force compliance with 2FA and in turn verify the company's HubSpot  has compliance with regulatory and contractual security requirements.

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Community Manager
updated to: Delivered

Hey everyone! Big news: we've launched the ability to require two-factor authentication to all of our customers. If you're interested in enabling this feature, you can find it in your Account Defaults settings. Please let me know if you have feedback on the feature! We're thrilled we could get this important security functionality into HubSpot for everyone to use to keep themselves safe.