Follow-Up email without subscription typ


Because of GDPR all emails within HubSpot need a special subscription typ. Right now also the follow-up emails. This leads to the following problem, when the checkbox "send marketing emails only to contacts with a legal basis for contacting" is activated:

If your contact doesn't click on the checkbox for the consent to communication the follow-up email wouldn't be send. 


However, according to the GDPR, the follow-up email does not need this subscription, because by sending the form, the contact requests exactly this content and must receive it. This is not possible with the current settings.


The only workaround is a complicated workflow that sends ONLY this content and no other material. This would make the function of a follow-up email obsolete.


It would therefore be really useful for any marketer in the EU to be able to switch off the allocation of a subscription in a follow-up email.

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Yes - I haven't found a good way round this either. If anyone has any good solutions it'd be great to hear them.


But, also Hubspot please put this functionality in place! We have lots of forms to request specific reports etc but no good way of emailing the contact with that content!