Folders to organize Workflows

Similar to the new folders to organize contact list, the same organization for workflows is needed. Many of my workflows automate specific campaigns or simple administrative tasks. Many of them are related or unrelated in someway. I would love a way to better organize each workflow into a folder structure.

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Aug 7, 2019

Hi everyone, I'm excited to say that the day has finally come, and we have put workflow folders in beta! If you'd like to participate in the beta, please fill out this form and we will get you added: 

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Nov 16, 2018

Thank you everybody for your patience and for providing feedback on this. We know this is a huge pain point today in Workflows and definitely want to solve it, but we want to solve it the right way. This is something we hope to tackle in 2019, and we'll keep you updated here. 

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Thank you for reporting @jnix284, the team is working on a fix! If you encounter something like this in the future, I would recommend opening a support ticket so it can be sure to get to the team's attention as soon as possible! I will update here again once this is fixed Smiley Happy

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@jnix284 Sorry about that! We just found and fixed this. It should work as expected now.


@auto_mate Thanks for the feedback! We're actively looking into the sorting rules used to determine order and will have a fix out soon.

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@zeke would it be possible to add the ability to have folders within a folder? 


can we also remove the workflow / email / form out of the main screen list and into the folder only?!


@Msyvrais Yes, to that.....



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Hi @Lauren_Lokker - Thanks for the feedback! Folders within folders for workflows has been added as a new thread here, please upvote there so we can assess customer support for this particular request:


@Msyvrais & @KeyWestScott Thanks for your feedback as well! I'd recommend adding your vote and comments to this post that raises a similar request: