Folders to organize Workflows

Similar to the new folders to organize contact list, the same organization for workflows is needed. Many of my workflows automate specific campaigns or simple administrative tasks. Many of them are related or unrelated in someway. I would love a way to better organize each workflow into a folder structure.

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Folders to organize WorkflowsHubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone, I'm excited to say that the day has finally come, and we have put workflow folders in beta! If you'd like to participate in the beta, please fill out this form and we will get you added: 

Folders to organize WorkflowsHubSpot Product Team
changed to: In Planning

Thank you everybody for your patience and for providing feedback on this. We know this is a huge pain point today in Workflows and definitely want to solve it, but we want to solve it the right way. This is something we hope to tackle in 2019, and we'll keep you updated here. 

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 @bellawu at how many upvotes the product team will consider this idea?

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OMG we havent even gone live yet with our sales team and already I have about 15 workflows set up plus a whole lot in testing This is crazy. 

Come on Hubspot - cant be that hard

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This feature would be very useful, especially for me where I have 7 workflows under one campaign...


I can foresee my workflows page becoming very messy!

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 Yeaaah Nice Idea !!! 

So I can keep my hair on my head 



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You should be able to sort or file or group workflows like how the properties are listed.  Or have them organized by categories Marketing, Sales, Deals, etc.  I have 8 workflows right now and potentially about 20 when I build all my pipelines.  It is already hard to find what I am looking for, I can only imagine when I build more. 

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It is more easy to subdivide workflow in various folder in order to have a structured overview.


Would be really really great!!


best regards, Farid

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Excellent idea!

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 Yes please - much needed! Always reluctant to delete Workflows "just in case" - this would help greatly. 

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We use Hubspot for marketing, sales and service and use workflows that are managed by people from eacht department. So it would be nice if we could organize workflows with folders, categories or labels to have an overview of who's responsible for which workflow.

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I vote this idea as well!