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Folders to organize Workflows

Similar to the new folders to organize contact list, the same organization for workflows is needed. Many of my workflows automate specific campaigns or simple administrative tasks. Many of them are related or unrelated in someway. I would love a way to better organize each workflow into a folder structure.

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Come on guys;)


Where are my folders for my lovely workflows?


I need to archive, arrange, sort and ting and ting!


Now that we are all back to work (right?) let's nail this so we can get back to saving lives with marketing automation!


good idea!


Wowww... we really need this. I often have 8 seperate workflows that pretty much complete the same task. I really need a way to organise them...


96 active workflows

267 inactive/legacy workflows


Really should be the same folder/archive system/options for all HS content/action types, forms too!




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This needs to happen!


Any update on if this is being worked on?


Yes plz.


That would be awesome! it will organize my workflows and make them easy to find


Agree 100% . Folders would be an easy development with a lot of impact - HS says they're working on it. Work on it harder please!


And if anyone at HS is monitoring this any more:

- Labeling or tagging

- Hover over pops the wf creator's note/description.


Thanks guys!


We created tons of complicated workflows, and being able to organize them in folders would make our lives so much better. Thanks!


I agree with this!

I make workflows for events, webinars, marketing, general follow-ups, different affiliates, ect. It would be very helpful to locate a folder and see everything I need in one place. 🙂


It is still a crime against humanity that lists, forms, workflows, CTAs, emails and landing pages do not have the same simple folder structure and organization visibility.


  • Lists are simple, you can see if a list is in a folder, size, active, last viewed - BUT YOU CAN'T RENAME A FOLDER
  • Emails are well, argh, max 3 columns, if you rename a folder you can't just edit the name AND YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT FOLDER AN EMAIL IS IN
  • Landing pages, only two columns of info, you do get to overwrite the name but again, you can't see if the LP is in a folder and NO USEFUL DATA IN THE LIST
  • Forms now have folders, but no left sidebar, no toggle, different actions buttons, you get to overwrite on rename, good data in the list, especially "used in" but YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT FOLDER A FORM IS IN
  • CTAs, good list, good data, NO FOLDERS
  • Workflows, ah my precious workflows, OK data in the list, NO FOLDERS


This drives me nuts every day. I'm lucky that I have don't have a lot of other people working in the same instance.

Don't even get me started on the different move to folder dialogues with the poor folder structure GUIs.


Of course, these should all be harmonized, right?


Ideally, the side bar from LPs, clear list from lists, ability to edit columns - more than three - from emails, with the option of the "used in" and "in folder"... I see some progress, like folders for forms, but I think overall this has taken a step back since we could e.g. see the folder structure in the left side bar...


In absence of foldering in workflows, we have had to create a very tediously long structure for naming workflows to track their inter-relations... not preferable. REALLY interesting in seeing this in an update 😉 

HubSpot Product Team

Thank you everybody for your patience and for providing feedback on this. We know this is a huge pain point today in Workflows and definitely want to solve it, but we want to solve it the right way. This is something we hope to tackle in 2019, and we'll keep you updated here. 

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YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Robot LOL




How long should we have to wait in order to have folders ? Seriously ? Hubspot claim to be the tool businesses can use to grow but it's not the case. We can't grow and manage worfklows with no folders.

Please do not make the same folders organization as in List. It's useless. It should make our live easier. Being obligated to clic in folders to see what is inside is a pain in the **bleep**. A good folders organization is in the new Design Tools.


This is what we need :

- folders on the left, content on the right.

- being able to open a folder and see what's inside.

- seeing the whole picture in a quick snap.

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Cannot upvote this enough. There are folders for smart lists, emails, landing pages. Workflows is a key feature that sets HubSpot apart, and users need the ability to organize them. 


The use case is that I have some portals with 100+ worfklows, they could be grouped together based on a number of criteria, whether it's their primary function (content download follow up or lead scoring, for instance), geography (all the workflows related to a certain region), or campaign. Using a naming convention is not enough when you get into the triple digits. Having them organized makes it easier to go back and update criteria when needed, troubleshoot any History, or clone and use for another campaign or purpose.


I would be more than glad to gather and provide additional use cases.


Upvote!!!! This is needed so I can seperate data clean up workflows from marketing/email nurture emails. 



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Hope its obvious by now that the 'new' (2018) folder solution for the Lists tool is both a HUGE UI FAIL and a HUGE UX FAIL. How is it possible that someone at a leading SaaS company approved a design flaw which removed basic folder hierarchy from view in 2018? How is that even possible?



A fundamental folder hierachy display concept has been omnipresent and cross-platform for decades because it works. Humans understand it. And the HubSpot audience is smart enough to get that.


The fact that individual dev groups at HubSpot have a high level of autonomy when it comes to dev projects is novel, but enough is enough. Better oversight of those individual projects at the 50,000 foot level is called for. We've already waited years for a solution, so ... 'agile' isn't seriously a consideration now is it?


We need a higher level of UI continuity across the HubSpot tool base and some centrialized team who can take ultimate responsibility for assuring that level of continuity makes it through into production. Absent a central body with executive level veto authority, this lack of continuity will continue (sorta like a crazy street map in a city that grew out of control).


You can see the lack of continuity in the new workflow UI -- a step backwards. It wastes even more valuable screen real estate in a tool that already borders on impossible to document (i.e., screen shots suck unless intensely Photoshop'ed and, by design, screens don't print). Documentation -- you know, that stuff everyone hates talking about, no one reads, but we all need when something crashes. (head shaking)


Please don't further disorganize Workflows by emulating the huge 2018 UI fail currently found in the HubSpot Lists tool. Keep it simple. Give us back a clearly displayed folder hierarchy on the left. After all, we're only human. 🙂


Remember, "Back. And to the left!" (from the Kevin Costner movie clip


Respectfully requested,