Folders/tags for forms


We have multiple active websites and HubSpot landing pages, so we have hundreds of forms. It would be helpful to be able to categorize them within folders, both from an organizational standpoint and reporting.


It would be helpful to be able to bucket them into folders (i.e. whitepaper forms, demo forms, etc.) or by other custom properties (campaign, what product they're promoting/related to, intended buyers stage, etc.).

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I'm just starting out with HubSpot and would have to agree that Folders are definitely needed for organizing forms. A long list is so unwieldy.

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, as of today you can now organise forms into folders from the forms dashboard. 

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Yes, there are folders now, but if you have lots of forms, the folders will get mixed up with the forms and won't display on the front page (unless they are "last modified" - the default display option). Sure would be nice to have folders default to the home page or at the very least, be able to sort for folders (instead of last modified) or even be able to pin a folder to the front page.


To tack onto this, I think it would also be helpful if you could use the tags within workflows. 


On our website we have "corporate" forms and then "sales person" forms. We have workflows set up where all 9402934 of the corporate forms are listed out. It would be so much cleaner if we could just "tag" the corporate forms and then use the tag as the enrollment criteria in the workflow.