Folders in Product Library

I would love to be able to make folders in Product Library. Who would love that to?

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Folders in Product LibraryHubSpot Product Team
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I'm pleased to announce that folders in the Product Library are now available to everyone! If you notice any issues, please contact our Support team. If you are looking for further organizational customization options, please file new ideas posts so we can track community interest in them. Thank you all for your feedback here to help us get this built for you!

Folders in Product LibraryHubSpot Product Team
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Folders in Product LibraryHubSpot Product Team
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Yes please! And I'd like to be able to re-order the products.  It defaults to creation order which is pretty confusing. At a minimum, they should default to alpha.

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Why Can't the Product Library be sorted by Product Name?


We want users to be adding products to deals to give us a better insight into what products are generating enquiries and be able to analyse close/success rates for deals by product.


If the module is hard to use, because products are not in a logical (i.e.) alphabetical order, it will slow users down, increase data entry errors, or worse they will not fill out this information.


By being able to sort the order in which the products are displayed will help increase user uptake of the feature.


I can't imagine that it would be a difficult feature to activate/add.

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To be able to put in an order that makes sense for them, the user.

My most popular was created 1st. It now resides on page 3 of our library. 

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This would be very helpful. Folders for products & templates.

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Re-order at minimum - I encountered the same issue @Geardryerguy and we are adding new all the time.  I want the most frequently used at the top.  Folders for our divisions would be nice too, but less urgent.

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@edjusten @hroberts could you please submit these ideas too? Thanks!

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absolutely!  Great idea :-)

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Yes! Being able to organise my products in folders would be an excellent idea. We have many categories and instead of having a huge lump of products, having different folders would make sorting through them much easier.

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Re-order the products is super super important. It's confusing right now. 

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 Folders and sub-folders with the ability to organize by alphabet or any way you want.