Folders for Workflows

I'd love to be able to organize my workflows by folders. 🙂 

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Ah, yes. Please see the (nearly ancient) post with over 400 upvotes for this feature here: --> just to make sure we've got all our votes in one basket, because how is this not a feature yet?!

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

As reported on the related idea ( you can now organize your workflows into folders on the workflows listing page. Navigate to the workflows tool and you’ll see an updated design for the Workflows listing page. There's a new option to “Create folder” in the top right. Once you create the folder, you can bulk select workflows and move them into the folder.


Note: You can only create one level of folders, and cannot nest them. Deleting a folder also deletes all the workflows inside of it, which is made clear in the prompt.