Folders and Subfolders

Dear Community & Support,


As a new user, I have to admit how put off I am by the lack of organizational options in HubSpot. 


Campaigns: For starters, there is not a way to organize overall campaigns. I find that HubSpot defines Campaigns too specifically. If I wanted to track overall SMM, then break it down into Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, then year, then "campaign" why shouldn't I be able to?

CTAs: My company has over 120 documents in our library and I know that is more than most but to need to create a single CTA for every single one and then NOT be able to organize them into a folder specifically for the library is crushing.

Emails: Finally! Folders! ... Just kidding, you can't create subfolders so the template folder you wanted for all your tradeshows, events and conferences needs to be its own folder outside of the tradeshow folder.


I could keep going but I think my point is clear. I am just looking for a little more organization from HubSpot. Simply put, Folders and Subfolders, please.