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Folders and Subfolders

Dear Community & Support,


As a new user, I have to admit how put off I am by the lack of organizational options in HubSpot. 


Campaigns: For starters, there is not a way to organize overall campaigns. I find that HubSpot defines Campaigns too specifically. If I wanted to track overall SMM, then break it down into Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, then year, then "campaign" why shouldn't I be able to?

CTAs: My company has over 120 documents in our library and I know that is more than most but to need to create a single CTA for every single one and then NOT be able to organize them into a folder specifically for the library is crushing.

Emails: Finally! Folders! ... Just kidding, you can't create subfolders so the template folder you wanted for all your tradeshows, events and conferences needs to be its own folder outside of the tradeshow folder.


I could keep going but I think my point is clear. I am just looking for a little more organization from HubSpot. Simply put, Folders and Subfolders, please.



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Fully agree. We did get some relevant, better features by shifting to HubSpot, but the basic elements of a profession CRM system are simply below par.


Lack of consistency across the application to e.g. organize campaigns and other elements in folders as well as setting status to 'active', 'expire', 'archived', 'deleted' is depressing when the daily work is being done.




Most of us are using templated emails to hasten the process. Be it in ad marketing or targeted individual clients. It would be great if we can add subfolders inside each template folder.  We can organize different emails for different stages for each user rather than them all bunched in one. Subfolders - my vote for it!


We 100% need a better way to organize our Campaigns. (Honestly, need a lot more customizability in the Marketing Hub)

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, to share a quick update for you here, better organisation for campaigns is something that we're definitely aware of and are expecting to make a big impact on by EOY this year. We've got a lot of research ongoing in this space and have some potential solutions that will go beyond what folders would be capable of, including support reporting and multiple dimension of organising (rather than just parent>child).


It must be possible to organize all the tools (email, cta, landing, workflows ...) in folders and subfolders in a simple way, even being able to move folders, files. Best asset organization please.


Any insights you could share with us @Shay? (with it being EOY and all) 😉😄 


I am also wondering what the update is. This is a feature that will create a better structure in our CRM @Shay ?


Renewing the energy here; subfolders and development around child-parent accounts is a big bugaboo. 


Dear Hubspot support, 


It would be super nice if you can create some files to classify CTA per page.

It will be so helpful, especially when we have many landing pages and a website. 


I am looking forward to hearing back from you,

Many thanks 


Léa Philip


This would be super helpful!!


we totally need this!


Just coming here to say the same @Shay! Any update on the status of this organizational feature? 


we totally need this!