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For all content options that allow you to organize with folders, it would be extremely helpful to be able to create folders within folders for better organization leading to less duplicates and efficiency when looking for content already created my a teammate. 

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May 14, 2021

Hi folks,


Thank you for submitting and interacting with this idea. My name is Andres Bustos and I'm the Product Manager for Lists at HubSpot.


While this feature may not be available across the entire HubSpot platform, this is available now within our Lists tool. If there are other specific places where you see this not implemented, but think of it as critical, please let us know by replying to this comment.


Thank you for submitting, upvoting, and commenting on this idea!


Sep 16, 2020

Hi Community,


We are continuing to follow this thread and the increases in requests in recent weeks. At this time there are no immediate plans to develop this Idea, but that is not to say that this idea will not be developed. The ability to add folders within folder, while seemingly a quick fix, will require some broader changes to how our sales content library is built. We will be considering multiple potential changes to organization and layout in sales content library before we update this issue to "Being Reviewed". 

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 27, 2020

Hi Community


Per my previous comment, we are hopig to review and plan this issue in the near future, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have plans in place.




Apr 6, 2020

Hi Community! 


I'd like to provide an update on this idea, as it has not gone unnoticed!


We have recently been focused on developing other features in sequences related mostly to new functions when building and enrolling contacts into sequences. However, we are planning this year to shift a focus to the management and administration of sequences, enrollments, and user permissions. We plan to make this shift some time in Q3 of this year.


Adding folders within folders is a logical next step for the organization of a large team's sales content. Furthermore, it is something that you can already do within Marketing Hub content. As we begin to review "Folders Within Folders" specifically, I will update this idea post with our progress. Thank you all for your feedback!




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Adding subcategories to the sales templates tool would be helpful. Our business has multiple locations with different pricing/taxes. May help companies stay consistent with collateral that operate in multiple cities/states/countries.


I have about 60-70 templates in a folder called "Callahan Templates" and it takes a while for me to find the one that I want. I think it would be a huge help in organizing and would increase our efficiency if we were able to create subfolders in templates. For example, in the "Callahan Templates" folder, I could have "Follow-ups", "Event Templates", etc.


The Marketing File Manager has a great way of organizing through sub folders. The Sales CRM does not have this feature. It would be a great asset to sales teams if they could have sub-folders within folders for organizing. 


Currently it is very difficult to navigate to documents when there are hundreds of seperate folders. It would clean up the area aesthetically, too. 


Please allow the Sales CRM this feature! 

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Totally agree. Folders would significantly improve the organization in Documents. 



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Jeez, yes please! My folders are just so gigantic now.


I agree, we have been HubSot customers for a month and we have about 20 users. With all of us creating/ modifying templates. It is becoming time consuming to constantly search for our templates. However, the recently used templates in the Gmail extension does help.


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@jcallahan wrote:

I have about 60-70 templates in a folder called "Callahan Templates" and it takes a while for me to find the one that I want. I think it would be a huge help in organizing and would increase our efficiency if we were able to create subfolders in templates. For example, in the "Callahan Templates" folder, I could have "Follow-ups", "Event Templates", etc.



yes, could be great for organizing documents.


Yes, same here. I already talked to one of the Hubspot guys about this, and he said that it's on the road map. But it would be great to have this asap, I'm also struggling fwith around 60 templates in different languages.

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Also the ability to view them in a list view with columns would be helpful. For example, filtering out by user who uploaded or last time someone opened the document, similar to the analytics but the ability to get to the doc, edit it, organize it, delete it, etc.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @ifly, I've moved your feature request to this thread to combine votes and comments. 


Agree! Clients are asking for this.


This would help organization tremendously. 


I do hope this is on the roadmap. I have been requesting this since templates were released I think it has been well over a year. 


It sucks that I can blow stuff away (delete) in bulk but no way to organize content by moving templates and sequences in bulk.  The ONLY way to organize templates and sequences is to move them one at a time.  Not a time saver but a time suck, so we stay disorganized and ineffective with messaging because we can't manage what we have, because Hubspot does not give us to the utility to do so.  


@roisinkirby Is there any update on this? Thanks!


We need subfolders for sequences. This is basic directory structure stuff...not rocket science. Please enable us to organize our sequences more neatly SOON. Thanks.



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Email Template Subfolders




Good morning,

Having subfolders in template is a must have when communicating with clients. There are so many situations to handle when communicating to clients and we loose a lot of time by looking for the correct template. We came to hubspot because it brings us productivity.

Can you give us more insights on when will the feature be available?

Thank you!