Folders Within Folders

For all content options that allow you to organize with folders, it would be extremely helpful to be able to create folders within folders for better organization leading to less duplicates and efficiency when looking for content already created my a teammate. 

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Great idea! Also, would love the ability to alphabetize folders so they are easy to find for my campaign managers.

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This is a great idea - especially for larger organizations that are managing multiple campaigns and products.

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This would be really helpful Smiley Very Happy

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Honestly its an obvious requirement and really should be in place. Folders make document management so much easier for the less technically minded.


Upvoted! Hope this gets put into the development pipeline

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This is something we absolutely need and I'm surprised Hubspot has not created it yet. Please Hubspot, can you create a function so that your clients can better organize their templates? ! 

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Absolutely agree! Please introduce this feature!