Fluctuations on form submissions by month/day in the reports section

So I want to see how many people submitted a specific form daily, weekly, monthly.

If I create a list for that specific form, I can't see how many converted over a specific time period on my exact form, only the recent conversion date that can be on any of my forms.

I wanted this to be available in the reports section so I can have a line graph of the submissions by month/day. My final goal is to notice if my changes on the landing page on which the form is affect the submissions.

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I am trying to do this exact thing. I'd like to see the marketing effectiveness of my form submissions month over month to see if we are trending up or down.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

I think this report would be very useful as i encounter this question from alot of our users! 

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Many people have actually gone through this date. Many existing topics on the community but still no improvement from Hubspot in this direction. Even my client success told me that she had already heard about it. Hubspot really listened to your customers? Because when I see that you are planning to redesign the contact sheets, I tell myself that we do not have the same sense of priorities. Today, it is impossible to automatically exit the number of MQL sent to sales by month. I have to keep Hubspot notifications in Outlook and count it down each month. frankly, I find it abused and I am very dissatisfied. The submission date of the form is present in the news feed of a contact is therefore already stored but unusable.