Fixed Term Recurring Payments with Stripe


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It's great that we can now use the stripe integration alongside the quotes tool for products with recurring payments. 


But - we can't use it. This is because we sell packages based on a set number of recurring payments. We don't want to set up indefinite recurring payments, given the nature of our product. 


This is the single blocker for us using the quotes tool and it seems like a simple enough fix!


Please just let us set a date at which the payments stop, or set a specific number of increments (e.g. 6 monthly /quarterly / annual payment) that fits the terms of the contract. 


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We have opted to use the quotes, with the idea of creating workflows based one the recurring revenue inactive date custom property.  I would love to chat with others who have used this as I am still trying to wade through the articles, setup, workflows and reports we will need.  We want to make sure we are tracking when subscription renewals are due, upsells, churn, etc.



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We´re big fans of this idea. Because we face almost same problem with recurring payments.

Our Scenario is as follows:


10.000$ Product (Payment over 2-12 months)

99$ service subscription (Recurring infinite until customer cancel service agreement - This would also be great if payment start could be set to next month or likewise and the total end cost would be shown on the quote)


I could imagine there would be a lot of people out there who would like to be able to split their payments over a few times to meet their customers payment needs/wishes. 


Finger crossed regarding this feature 😄

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Have you find a solution or work around? Thanks