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Fix the wording in the URL filter in landing page reports


The filter in standardized HS LP reports for "URL" is extremely misleading. You have the option for 2 things:


  1. URL is equal to (self explanatory)
  2. URL is any of (supposedly self explanatory, but misleading)

Based these options and how other areas of the product word filter, option two would lead me to believe that you'd have to enter a list of specific full URLs for this filter to work, e.g. if I entered and the expectation would be that the metrics would only show for those two specific pages.


However this is NOT THE CASE. I've verified this myself today with HS support and my own tests, option 2 actually behaves like a URL contains any of X or Y or Z criteria. 


Now I'm glad it does what I need, but it would be helpful if the HS interface described it as such. 


In my screenshots with this build, I can verify that it only pull smetrics from URLs which contain /de-de/ OR /de-ch/ OR /fr-fr/