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Fix the styling on Playbooks

The styling on Playbooks makes Playbooks very hard to read and really messes with the usability of this tool.

It would be great if you had more control over the fonts and font sizes, etc.


But at a minimum please make the size of the fonts relevant to the hierarchy of information so it is more readable and easier to use.



Current Experience

'Update {object} property ({property name)}' - is the largest text on the page

'Heading 3 'and the 'Question/Prompt' are the second largest text on the page

'Heading 4' is the third largest text on the page

'Paragraph' text is the smallest text on the page


It would be a lot easier to read and use if it was styled as per the following:

'Heading 3' should be the largest text on the page

'Heading 4' should be the second largest text on the page

'Question/Prompt' and 'Paragraph' text should be the same size

'Update {object property} (property name})' should be a grey tone and italicised 


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Hi @romi,


Definitely hear you that the formatting of Playbooks needs more flexibility. We don't have any specific plans to change these options right now, but I will add this to our growing list of considerations for better formatting playbooks.




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Hi @Lars outside of allowing formatting of Playbooks, it would be great if the default styles were tweaked to make them more readable when using the Playbook - as right now the names of the questions are weirdly huge

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Adding to this, it is very frustrating that you can expand and collapse emails but not playbooks, the pop up for playbooks is really hard to read and would be great if you could make it full screen.


Agree with this. We upgraded to use the tool, designed the playbooks, but this has proven a real issue in adoption by the staff who simply use the Deal record sidebar to update the information due to the clunkiness of the layouts. 


Adding to this, images upload very small and you cannot resize them.


It would also be super beneficial to be able to add tables to playbooks 


"But at a minimum please make the size of the fonts relevant to the hierarchy of information so it is more readable and easier to use." That is so true !

It would be also great to have the choice to remove or not the Note space and the label properties to make the playbook lighter for our teleoperators.



Echoing the items above - I love the concept of Playbooks, but the UI's limited enough to the point where my AEs are refusing to use it and just opting for manual data entry into deal properties. A few specific requests below (some captured earlier in this chain):



  • Font size (noted above) - there should be an option to reduce the font size. At normal zoom, a deal property update with ~20 options (dropdown select) takes up pretty much the height of the page on its own even without a prompt (which takes up even more space) --> makes it exceptionally hard for AEs to scroll to or find the right field quickly during a call
  • Notes (noted above) - it'd be great to have this be an optional rather than required field for each property update (for example, it's completely unnecessary if the property itself is a text field, and in that case is just taking up space)
  • Dropdown selects - it'd be great to have these actually presented as a dropdown, as they are in Hubspot's Forms feature. If you've got a decent number of dropdown options, it a) takes up a lot of space on the form when they're all listed out and b) makes it harder to search for the right entry (versus going vertically down an alphabetical list)


  • Contact / company association - it'd be great to have Playbooks entered at the deal level have the ability to directly update info for contacts associated with that deal (rather than triggering deal property updates which then get applied to all associated contacts via workflow)
  • Meeting association - it'd be great to be able to link Playbooks with specific meetings so there's not two events being left in the deal / company / contact record

Seconding @romi and @MObry on "at a minimum please make the size of the fonts relevant to the hierarchy of information so it is more readable and easier to use."


We'd like to not have this text below the question at all, but at least make it not the largest, boldest thing on the page:

Update company property (XYZ)


Would also like to third Mobry's suggestion above. This would greatly improve readability/usability.


I agree the formatting of the playbooks is very weird. I doubt its peculiar to me, but when I open a playbook the question box is the largest font on the page and there is so much white space between question boxes that I can't see very many at a time. My team would also like to be able to print playbooks in a readable format so we can use this for strategy planning.


I agree that better formatting is a must-have. It's so weird that the when updating record properties in playbooks the first verbiage that you see is "(updating company property) property title". In what world would the most important part of that be knowing that you're updating a company property? Why wouldn't you just put this in small italics underneath or have an asterisk? It's so hard to read a playbook that has a lot of these because all you're reading is YOURE UPDATING THIS PROPERTY. Very good hubspot - that's what I want to do, now let me get to actually reading what I need to be updating and stop with all this nonsense warnings.


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i really would love to highlight some words in my notes for a better overview and quicker understanding of the notes.

To bold or underline words will really help in my daily work.

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Hi team!

Commenting here on behalf of a customer, who would also appricate some added flexibility with the playbook format.


Currently, when there is a free text added while entering the playbook, it is displayed as:

  • Notes: free text here

Which makes the format messy. It would be great if it could just be displayed as:

  • free text here

Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 5.14.32 PM.png

 In order to fix the format, we currently need to manually edit and delete "Notes:" 


Formatting like this would be supper helpful for playbooks... 


Could have questions like this? with help text like this...  

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100% to this, most people over 40 that I have trained on Playbooks complained about font size. Increasing your browser font made the page not fit correctly. I wonder if it would be more awesome if you could drag that playbook OUT of your main HS screen so you can work on multiple monitors like most of us do.  Then you could really make it large but see other contextual fields and activity that you might need to refer to, without affecting the HubSpot layouts by changing the zoom. 








The single biggest thing I HATE about Hubspot is that when your screen zoom is at 100%, the amount of data that is visible on the screen is pathetic.  You can view hardly any data and it feels like the whole page is zoomed into like 250%.... It is disorientating and makes it extremely hard to see the big picture on your dashboard, and have to do a lot of scrolling up and down and left and right to see all the data and adjust all columns on your report.... 


You need to create functionality to be able to zoom the screen/icon size/font size out so you can see reports with lots of columns on one single scren (no scrolling required), and so you can see dashboards with ALL of your report snapshots (NO SCROLLING REQUIRED AGAIN)


Honestly this is doing my head in and we are considering cancelling the entire companywide subscription if this doesnt get fixed as all staff are complaining about it 


Echoing everthing that's been said here already, and commenting to add that when a question's manadatory, it doesn't need to be bold & red upon opening the playbook. It's discouraging and unpleasant. It's like getting yelled at before you even do the work.


Those questions should just have an asterisk, and be highlighted in red if the user tries to log the playbook without entering a value.

Really hoping to see Playbooks get a makeover soon, thanks HubSpot 💪