Fix the styling on Playbooks

The styling on Playbooks makes Playbooks very hard to read and really messes with the usability of this tool.

It would be great if you had more control over the fonts and font sizes, etc.


But at a minimum please make the size of the fonts relevant to the hierarchy of information so it is more readable and easier to use.



Current Experience

'Update {object} property ({property name)}' - is the largest text on the page

'Heading 3 'and the 'Question/Prompt' are the second largest text on the page

'Heading 4' is the third largest text on the page

'Paragraph' text is the smallest text on the page


It would be a lot easier to read and use if it was styled as per the following:

'Heading 3' should be the largest text on the page

'Heading 4' should be the second largest text on the page

'Question/Prompt' and 'Paragraph' text should be the same size

'Update {object property} (property name})' should be a grey tone and italicised 


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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @romi,


Definitely hear you that the formatting of Playbooks needs more flexibility. We don't have any specific plans to change these options right now, but I will add this to our growing list of considerations for better formatting playbooks.




Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi @Lars outside of allowing formatting of Playbooks, it would be great if the default styles were tweaked to make them more readable when using the Playbook - as right now the names of the questions are weirdly huge

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Adding to this, it is very frustrating that you can expand and collapse emails but not playbooks, the pop up for playbooks is really hard to read and would be great if you could make it full screen.

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Agree with this. We upgraded to use the tool, designed the playbooks, but this has proven a real issue in adoption by the staff who simply use the Deal record sidebar to update the information due to the clunkiness of the layouts.