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Fix the drag and drop email builder

There are several bugs with the new email builder and I'm told by support to put in a feature request. 


For example, when I add an image block and upload an image, the block is shrinking the image and then enlarging it, causing the image to be distorted and pixelated. Can you please fix this bug? As a work around I have to create an HTML block and code the image there. 


Or when I use the button block and have a 1px border, this doesn't work in Android 5.1 or 6.0 since the button block tables and margins are causing the borders not to work properly. Again, I have to create an HTML block to stop this from happening. 


Feel like these are actually bugs in the product and not feature requests, but here I am. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @vdecker apologies for the wild goose chase here, I followed up internally on my side and confirmed that these are indeed bugs, not ideas. I believe your original case has been reopened and we have a task on our side now to investigate the issues you're seeing and hopefully get a fix out.