Fix the Hubspot & Shopify API calls to correct Abandoned Cart functionality

The API call between Shopify & Hubspot needs to occur more frequently. I ran into an issue where customers who DID purchase were receiving Abandoned Cart emails. This is because Hubspot doesn't call back to Shopify before sending these emails. I now use another vendor to send the Abandoned Cart emails. This was a feature I had expected Hubspot to provide. 


I've been in back and forth communication with both Hubspot & Shopify support teams, but neither team would escalate the issue. Below are the details and responses from both teams.


From Hubspot team outlining the API issue:

"Brandy is experiencing the creation of two “carts” or deals within her HubSpot portal causing purchasing customers to receive abandoned cart emails, which is causing confusion. HubSpot handles the creation of carts in the following manner: 1. Shopify Orders created through the online store will create a Cart which will then automatically create a HubSpot Deal record with Deal Stage Checkout Pending 2. If the Cart is not completed in 24 hours, the Deal record will change to Deal Stage Checkout Abandoned 3. The criteria for the Ecomm workflow for the Follow up on abandoned carts campaign is Deal Stageis Checkout Abandoned and is Deal-based 4. Shopify Carts are 'saved' per browser cookie (i.e. a Chrome and Firefox browser on the same computer will create two completely separate carts) The example contact, John Smillie, had an original cart at 5:29pm (#4723870695542) the contact then viewed a few other pages and had new deal created at 5:31pm (#5249). The second created deal, #5249, was the “purchased deal” so after 24 hours the original deal, #4723870695542, was changed to an “abandoned cart”. This is functioning as intended on the HubSpot end but we are unable to see the cause of the creation of the two carts."


From the Shopify team in response to the above:

"This is Peter from Shopify and I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you about the survey response you recently gave. I've spent some time going over your interaction and I've reached out to our Tier2 team on your behalf. This is how our team described the action Shopify is taking in this scenario: Customer proceeds to checkout Abandoned checkout is initiated/created from our end If merchant completes, it turns into an order If merchant does not complete it becomes an abandoned cart and depending on the settings of the shop we would send a cart recovery email or not. If they resume it then becomes an order at that point. In your scenario there's an abandoned cart being created by HubSpot because (I believe) they're taking that initial Abandoned Checkout creation as a unique "deal", and then the customer's return to actually order is becoming a new "deal". Shopify whereas is turning that initial Abandoned Checkout into an order, so it's not creating two events but rather transitioning one to the other depending on the circumstances. This is something that won't be able to be changed within Shopify, so it's something that HubSpot has to adjust their API calls to."

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Clean abandoned cart processing is essential to the Shopify integration. Any feedback from HubSpot at all on this issue would be helpful.


Thanks in advance.


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Wondering if anyone has fully tested the Template Abandoned Cart workflow to ensure it's now working correctly. Anyone have any news?