Fix right aligned image code in emails for Outlook!

Here is something that annoys the **bleep** out of me on a regular basis: 

When I insert an image in an email and want it right aligned with the text wrapping it, the code is missing 


You see, 

float: right;

does not work for Outlook.  The image will be left aligned and have the text below it, instead of next to it.  You need the 


for it to work in Outlook.  And what's even more infuriating is that if you need to replace an image, when you click replace

Annotation 2020-02-26 185640.png

the code you entered to make sure the image is right aligned in Outlook gets taken out.


Please fix your image tags in your email editor.  This is such a pain to have to remember to add it and re-add it if the image needs to be replaced.