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Fix formatting issues available to non Super Admins

The Fix formatting issues is a great tool, but it is currently only availbe to Super Admin roles. Hmmm... So, our account has 2 Super Admins and their job titles are Vice President of Marketing and Director of Information Technology. Neither of these senior level employees are going to be doing this task. We have a Data Entry role, which makes sense to have someone with this level of a role be the one to cleanup these formatting issues.


My suggestion is for HubSpot is to make this option available to all that you can set at the role level and not have this be only something a Super Admin can do.

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100% agree, it should be possible to give access permissions to regular users for this feature!


Could not agree with you more. We have a CRM Admin, who does some of this cleanup for us. However I do not want to give them super admin permissions to use this tool! 


Yes, please change this so we can assign permissions to someone else who is not a super admin. 


Upvoting this. As this is generally an administrative task, it should not be only available to super admins.


I'm really unclear why this would have ever been an only super admin permission. Seems really short sighted.