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Fix column when using table/list

When you have a lot of columns in a list or table in HubSpot in can be troublesome to analyse since the name columns disappear when "scrolling" to the right. It could be nice to fix on or more columns in place so, lets say the name of a contact or company, is always shown when you look at all other columns. 

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Hi @sbacookie,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and for your great feedback, I'll move this request to our Ideas Forum. We use it to collect ideas on how we can improve the product for our customers. 



Mia, Community Team


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I thought this was the ideas forum? It would also be good to have the headers on top stay visible when you scroll down. This has probably already been requested quite a bit considering how basic this functionality is... (like freeze panes in excel)


Hey @MiaSrebrnjak ,

do you have any idea if the feature described here will be available soon or it was only included to the "longlist"?


Thank you!