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Fix code in Drag and Drop emails with 2+ columns to stop Gmail skewing forwarded message

When ForwardedWhen ForwardedWhen Received InitiallyWhen Received InitiallyThe new drag and drop builder for emails is great but when any of our clients receive it in Gmail and want to forward it,  the layout will skew to put everything in one column or on individual rows, if the email contains more than one column to begin with.


This has meant we now have to build the template from scratch in the Template Builder each time we have a new newsletter or email which is very tedious. These emails don't seem to skew when forwarded in Gmail but don't look as good.


I would assume a lot of people forward emails they receive to people not signed up to them etc.

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I agree that this would be a very useful addition to our Drag and Drop tool as it would make it easier for our users to share their content with thier customers at a greater level without having to rebuild the templates from scratch each time.

Sikemi Matthew 
Customer Support Specialist 

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