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Fix asset type & asset title hierarchy in custom attribution reports

Currently in attribution reports, you can select multiple dimensions to report on, including "Asset Type" and "Asset Title". This sounds great, however, you are not able to select "Asset Type" and then "Asset Title" to get a breakdown of titles grouped by type. WEIRDLY, you can do the opposite, which provides a significantly less helpful breakdown. This makes me think this may be accidental, and the hierarchy of those two entities needs to be swapped in HubSpot's code.


Screenshot of attribution report builder with existing breakdown:


Comparison of this breakdown vs a breakdown with proper hierarchy:




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I would love to be a able to group asset titles within the report. For instance, the "lead creation from CRM user" shows up as an asset title, and will display every user that entered a lead. I would like to be able to group them and name that as a category. For instance, that would be "Manual Entry" so we can see all those grouped together. Renaming Asset types as a whole would also be incredibly helpful and frankly seems to be a must-have, not sure why you WOULDN'T want to do that.