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Fix Meeting Rate Calculation for Sequences

If someone books a meeting through the meetings link in a sequenced email, it counts towards the meeting rate for that sequence. What often happens for my clients though, is that the prospect doesn't book a meeting using the meetings link in the first two sequenced emails sent, so the sales rep gets a task to call them - on the call, they're able to schedule a meeting. 


That calling task is part of the sequence, and often there are additional emails and call follow ups scheduled after it is completed. BUT if you book a meeting while on a call with someone, the scheduled meeting won't be attributed back to the sequence even though the contact is still currently enrolled in the sequence and the call that led to the booked meeting was an action from the sequence. This causes 2 problems - inaccurate meeting rate reporting for the sequence, and contacts stay enrolled in sequences even though they acheived the goal - they just achieved it over the phone rather than through email - requiring sale reps to have to create supplemental reports and to remember to manually unenroll the contact from the sequence.


Please make it possible to attribute booked meetings from call tasks to the sequence's meeting rate - it would be great if sales reps had the power to choose. Like an option to tick when booking the meeting would appear saying something like "hey this contact is currently in a sequence, did this booked meeting come from an action in the sequence" (if yes, the meeting would get attributed and they'd get unenrolled from the sequence - if not, they stay enrolled and the meeting doesn't get attributed)


Also would be nice that even after a sequence ends, if someone books a meeting using a link from one of the sequenced emails later if that could get attributed back to the meeting rate of the sequence, but I already saw there's an idea out there for this. 

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Hello Alayna,


I hope this message finds you well!


I came across your idea, and it seems we might be on the same wavelength. Although your message dates back to 2022, I thought I'd share a potential solution, just in case it hasn't crossed your path yet.


My sales team and I encountered a similar challenge. It revolved around contacts who were enrolled in a sequence, eventually leading to a meeting booking, yet weren't counted as part of the sequence's booked meetings tally.


To tackle this, I devised a workaround – while it's not entirely foolproof – by creating an active list.


Here's what I did:

I filtered contacts that had enrolled in the specific sequence at least once. Then, I ensured they were associated with a deal in my sales pipeline, ranging from "meeting planned" to "closed lost." When the list is filled over time, I believe you are also able to create a report of the data within this list. 


While it's not a flawless solution, it has helped streamline our process to a significant extent. 


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!