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Fix Folder View -- does not currently display all items

In Lists:  Folder View, it is not possible to see all Lists.  You can only see Lists that have been "moved" to a folder.  Lists that have not been moved to a folder cannot be seen.  Lists that are created cannot be seen.  They only show up in All Lists which like All Mail in Gmail, has any list ever created.  This makes it very difficult to find the new list as one must sort through all the lists ever created to find the new one.  There should be a root folder in Folder View that contains all the lists not yet moved to a folder.  This is especially important for email campaigns as List creation is critical to successful campaign and can grow very quickly.


A search of Folder View shows that other portions of HubSpot use Folder View (e.g. Email) so this may be a more widespread issue that needs fixing.  I would suggest to make Folder View the default everywhere once this is fixed.  There is another "Idea" that promotes this default suggestion.