First Sales Activity Date - Track MQL to SQL First Activity

I propose a First Sales Activity Date field to help track how long it takes a sales person to assess and address a Marketing Qualified Lead.


Put another way, it would be great to understand the average time it takes, by sales person, to make the first sales activity contact from when Marketing passed the lead to Sales. 


This would be great for Marketing and Sales accountability.

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This feature is vital to inbound. Other CRMs are pitching themselves solely focussing on the time-to-contact feature, as it is crucial for inbound focused sales.

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 Can We get this going again? This is a super important feature that makes 0 sense why it's not available. It's easy enough to implement! 

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Hi All, 


I fully agree. 


How has everyone been managing this calculation manually so far - if at all! 



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Yes, we really need this feature, all kinds of data could be pulled and teams held accountable, need to know how long it went to the first sales activity.

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Any news about this vital feature ? 
Hubspot sells itself as a Inbound CRM, then I don't understand why the feature does not exist to compute easily the processing time with inbound leads

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I concur with everybody.  It seems Hubspot is in no rush to do this despite us all asking for it. 

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Is there any way of us speeding up the consideration for this feature? Can we ask peers to upvote it or something? And how many upvotes would it typically take to move someting like this up their priority list? 


Would be great to know from Hubspot if they even have this feature in their development roadmap.