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First Contacted Date

Looking at List of Contact properties, I wonder if I can have "First Contacted Date." - opposed to Last Contacted ( the last time a call, email, or meeting was logged for a contact. This is set automatically by HubSpot based on user actions in the contact record.) Any ideas? Thanks!


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This is much needed and seems very basic for a CRM!


We need to be able to report on our SLA compliance (to follow up on mqls within X amount of time).


Any update on this?  This should be a basic property.  (bumping this post)


I agree and upvote this feature! It's mandatory!!! There is no way to evaluate quick sales response witout it needs a TON of work


Speed to lead metric, need a field to capture first activity with date and timestamp! Most basic data requirement, how is this missing? 😥

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This is possible but will require you to build a custom date contact property and a workflow. 


Here are the steps:

1. In settings, create a custom date property called "First Contacted Date"


2. In Workflows, create a workflow, with starting criteria of "Last Contacted Date" is known and "First Contacted Date" is unknown. Add a step to datestamp the custom property value in the workflow:

First Contacted Date Custom PropertyFirst Contacted Date Custom Property


3. From here, you'll have to decide how you want historical data to populate in this "First Contacted" field. Here are the two options:

A. Easy option. Disregard historic data. You can either set the field, so that it only allow contacts to enroll in this workflow who meet the criteria going forward.

B. Harder Option. Go through all of your contacts who have 'Last Contacted' as a known property and have that copied over to the "First Contacted" property, assuming they have only been contacted one time. This will still require additional cleanup as there will be contacts that have been contacted multiple times.


Lastly, don't allow re-enrollment in the workflow.


Here is how the workflow looks in the end.


 Screenshot at Apr 04 07-53-39.png


Hi @paulschmidt Yes! I saw this workaround in a similar thread, and I am absolutely going to try it. Thank you so much for the detailed information and step by step. 


I think the idea shall still be automated by Hubspot... There are so many other automated properties that in the end you never use as marketer... and this one feels so "basic" (is actually one of the first metrics the companies always asked me to get... and this never changes :D).


Anyways and as I said, thank you for the detailed explanation ❤️ 

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@paulschmidt Thanks for that.  Super simple and low-key genius.  By ensuring contacts can't re-enroll in the worfklow the time stamp never changes.  


This appears to have worked!


How can we repurpose this workflow and use it capture first contact date as it relates to first call attempt?


Certainly no expert, but I would think you swap "call" for "email" in the activity type on the report?

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Def a worthy feature


It is absolutely necessary to have this metric for any sales activity. Please make this property by default so we don't have to spend so much time finding a workaround


@bilalawan I must admit that I tried the workaround and it takes 5 minutes and it's working fine so far 🙂 Just saying this in case you are stressed or worried and you don't tried it yet 🙂 It's very easy! 


I've followed this work around but it only shows me the date, not the time. 




So, I was looking at the same thing and I thought of doing this workaround:


1. Create a Property called "First Meeting" or similar and set it to a date property;

2. Create a Workflow that is triggered by:

     a) Has completed form (than you select your meeting link, afterall a metting link is a form, behind the curtains)

          than filter it by:

     b) Form submission - Has NOT filled out the <select your meeting link again> in Any page is more than 1 day ago.

3. Set a timestamp to change the date of your recent created property "First Meeting" (or similar).


I still haven't tried it exhaustively but this is what's going to (or should) happen:

When someone books a meeting, the workflow should check if the user has not done it before, and then timestamp your "First Meeting" property with the time and date for this particular meeting.


The workflow should not allow the users to re-enroll.


Here's how the trigger should look:


Captura de Tela 2023-10-18 às 22.29.25.png


AGAIN: this was not thoroughly tested and it is not 100% precise as users can book more than one moeeting in the same day and we are cheking for users who did not do it from yesterday and back.


Would love to receive feedback on this one, please feel free to do so.


Another upvote! I'm a bit surprised this doesn't exist already. Feels weird to be using workarounds for something this simple.