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Looking at List of Contact properties, I wonder if I can have "First Contacted Date." - opposed to Last Contacted ( the last time a call, email, or meeting was logged for a contact. This is set automatically by HubSpot based on user actions in the contact record.) Any ideas? Thanks!


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This gives several firms that have inbound leads more power from a manager and rep perspective in seeing how fast their team is contacting new inbounds. This is a must have a feature that should be added ASAP. 

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We have:



However,they only refer to marketing emails. We need the equivalent fields for direct emails. This is extremely important for attributing contacts to a deal owner, as it would depend on when they first contacted. For example, if they contacted before creating an account or not.

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First contacted date, should be a default property no doubt.


As a workaround until they make this default, you can create a workflow that copies "last contacted" to a custom contact property (and just don't allow contactsd to enroll in this workflow). 

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Hi Paul! I'm excited to try your idea, but I'm a bit confused.


How would copying the "Last contacted" to a custom contact property return the "First contacted"?


Maybe there is a way you know we can have it write just once (the first time)?

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@teddy last contacted is updated everytime a sales email is sent or call is logged in CRM. If you can have "last contacted" copied over to 'first contacted' (contact property) the first time 'last contacted' is updated, then you will then have first contacted updated. 


Also note, that you would want to include 'create date' is after yesterday or today, because we don't want 'last contacted' of older contacts to be copied over (which 'last contacted' for these contacts is not likely the first time the contact has been contacted).

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@paulschmidt are you certain that the 'Last contacted' field only triggers upon sales activities (email, calls) and not marketing activities or tasks?

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This is what is in the HS documentation: 

Screenshot at Jul 03 12-28-15.png

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@paulschmidt struggling to copy `last contacted` to `first contacted` through workflow, seems as those the copy contact property feature won't allow first contacted? Did you see the same issues

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Any update on this?

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Really keen for this request to be picked up by Hubspot. If anyone here hasn't already, please upvote this post - it's the same idea, just slightly more votes so far.

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Anyone know of any updates on this? It's so essential to track how speedy sales team's responses are. 

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This is so odd that this actually doesn't exist already.  Obviously data that's there just not available.  

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Any updates on this? This feature would be essential for us as well!

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You can create a workflow but it will only give you the date (not the time).


So the support told me this (translated from german): Unfortunately the workflow action of the date stamp only sets the date and not the time. You can see the exact time when the change was made and also export the property history. This comes with a list of the times when the property was set.


How to export the property history:


Then connect it when the contact was first created I guess..