Fine-Tune Organic Search - Organize by Search Engine

It would benefit our clients to know what search engine their Organic Search visits come from when organizing/evaluating "Sources." This would allow our clients to learn more about those top-of-the funnel, generally interested visitors to their site.


This would benefit our clients in the additional PPC ads we hope to run. We know not all customers use Google, but what investment should we make in Bing Ads, based on the traffic that comes in? This extra fine-tuning of the Organic Search source would be really helpful for that HUGE amount of traffic we don't know too much about.

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I think it would be a great idea to be given the ability to sort by Organic Search > Search Engine > Keyword in the sources report addition to that currently available -- Organic Search > Keyword > Search Engine as it provides a different way to splice the data! 

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Same thing applies to paid search. Before we moved to Hubspot we would break down our paid leads by Bing or Google - obviously Bing leads are cheaper overall, but being able to segment contacts by this property would give us a better idea of quality by search engine. 

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