Find Contacts with Multiple Email Addresses


As Hubspot allows multiple email addresses to be stored on a single contact, we need a way to locate all contacts with more than one email address. Though Hubspot may allow multiple email addresses on a contact, our integrated systems (Salesforce, for one) do not, and we have no direct visibility into secondary email addresses created through form submissions without such a feature. Please help!




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Even to just be able to EASILY identify from the contact record that other records exist that might be the same person with a different email address and be easily reviewed and merged from the contact record would be AMAZING~


Very important idea!


This is a huge oversight in my opinion. If you aren't going to fix the core problem, at the very least, you should allow us to create a List so we can see all the Contacts who have multiple email addresses, that way we can fix manually. But we can't even do that much 

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This features is urgently needed!


We would like to have the ability to include in a list filter the secondary email (really all emails on a contact record) so to locate anyone using a certain format of email (a consideration for our marketing efforts with a product we sell). It seems like the only way to do this is to export the contact view of a prospective list (include all emails), scan for the email formats we have interest in, create an import list with those contact IDs and then be limited to only sending to the primary email for that contact record. 

It's been helpful to be able to 'store' a secondary email when merging contacts so to keep all records of a contact together, that's been a positive for us (with some exceptions of losing list memberships when contacts are merged).


We have similar issues. An export function (without any crazy manual workarounds) would be very helpful! We are currently sorting out the unengaged contacts function of Hubspot to opt-out contacts who mean just higher costs for us by keeping them in our database. Here is the problem: As soon as somebody uses 2 or more email addresses and is only active on one email address, at some point the "old" email address gets the status "unengaged". Therefore the whole contact itself becomes unengaged, so we can't even send marketing emails to the actual "new" active address anymore. Our amount of unengaged contacts is huge by now, but we of course can't just opt them out. I guess another workaround of standard functions... Truely frustrating at some point.


We are now encountering issues with this feature (multiple email addresses in email contact property) and API feeds that update our Hubspot contact properties. I'm struggling to simply get a list of all of our contacts that have multiple email addresses. Upvoting a solution to this issue.


Same as others, I need to be able to identify contacts which have multiple email addresses. Please help!


Same problem here. Need to know how many emails are against each contact.


@hubspot , why has this issue not be solved yet? I am, like most other users here, tired of smacking my head against a wall battling this issue. Please advise what's going on with this.


We're running into the same issue. Please fix!


FWIW It is not great but I created a second email field in Salesforce to capture the additional emails from HubSpot and then sync that to Salesforce.


@mbc291 That sounds interesting, can you share you solution for that?


Desperately need HubSpot to solve this issue, we're getting more duplicates in Salesforce by the day and I don't have the capacity to manually dedupe.


I agree; we really need the ability to pull lists of contacts with more than one email. It would be great to have an activity for "email last updated" or "email changed" that can be used for lists and allows to see the old email as historical data. 


This has enough upvotes and a lot of very frustrated folks banging their head against the wall. Hubspot - please implement a way to address this asap!!!

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It must be implemented also on the APIs, we should be able to find by any email address, and choose to promote one as the primary.


Yes, PLEASE! This is so incredibly important from an auditing standpoint!


Yes please.


@Ccassidy440 - don't hold your breath.


Is Hubspot going to do anything about this? We used an online form on a website for new contacts. But when the form was refreshed - it just added emails to one contact. Now we have no way to tell which contacts to split up and it's hours of work anyway. Lost leads from recent engagements!! Very very frustrating.