Filters in CRM Contacts AND Companies

1. Filter items shoud be in alph order. Scrolling thru to find the correct ones wastes too much time. Indent subheads might help too.

2. Company filters : also need to be in alpha order. Also include specific Deal subheads (where the deal is in the sales process).

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @realizeit thanks for posting! Your ideas are important to HubSpot as well as to other customers whose needs might fit this feature request. Our Product Managers regularly review top voted ideas and will put every effort into implementing ideas that will benefit the majority of HubSpot's user base and fit in with our product roadmap.


In order to get as much information / context to our product team as possible, but also to help others understand what they are voting for could you provide some further detail on the above? Try to position the idea in the form of user stories and be sure to include your rationale and an idea of customer value.


For instance, it is actually possible to sort contacts and companies by alphabetical order by clicking on the "name" heading in the All Contacts view. Were you referring to another view? Do you have screenshots? Also, could you clarify what you mean by "indent subheads"? Finally, when you say "Also include specific Deal subheads (where the deal is in the sales process)", do you mean that you'd like to have a column for a company's associated deal stage in the All Companies view?



If you edit your original post to include this additional information and your use case for it, this will be very helpful for us moving forward!