Filtering out internal events/meetings




I have just learnt that meetings are 100% synchronized with Google Calendar, without the ability to filter out the internal ones or correct the activity manually afterwards. 


From my perspective, this pretty much makes the "Meeting" goals KPI somewhat useless unfortunately (and it does come as an unpleasant surprise when you realise this...).


Emails are blocked for our internal domains, it should be the same for meetings, really... 

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100% agree! I was quite surprised to see this as well. This definitely makes the meetings KPI and related activity metrics totally useless.


Ditto! Have either of you found a work around to this?


Same here, would like to hear a solution / best practice to not have internal meetings show up in the dashboards.



We found some workarounds but they're not good and cause headaches, in particular for all hands etc ("tagging" meetings as "internal" so HS can filter them). It works in theory, in practice we gave up after 1 day.


Conclusion : I've removed the meetings KPI and look at the others with...a grain of salt. 
V.disappointed, as this seems like a pretty obvious thing but...heh, who knows.

-1 for Hubspot in my book.


We need this. +1!


Welcome to HubSpot! Where simple, obvious features don't exist and never will...


My meetings report is flooded with internal meetings, even though all participants' email addresses are in my company domain, and my company domain is set for do-not-track.  Also, there's no way to "drill down" into a meeting from the meetings report in the dashboard. You can't click and go to the meeting to record a note, read the comments or update the outcome, for example. You have to click into the contact, then find the meeting in the activity feed.


What is the purpose of a meetings KPI if sales reps get credit for internal meetings? We want to track meetings ONLY WITH CUSTOMERS. This should be simple to do for HubSpot. However, based on my experience having conversations with HubSpot representatives over the years, I'm not holding my breath.


I really don't understand how HubSpot has gotten so popular when it lacks so many basic features.


Yes we n eed this. It's basic.  Pleeeeeeeeeease!

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Completely agree, our daily stand-ups and internal meetings are skewing our stats. 


Not having a way to filter out those meetings is hurting our ability to correctly report. Moving away from Calendly is starting to seem like a bad idea. 


Same! We would very much need this! Hoping for Hubspot to implement this feature 🙂