Filtering out Companies that have not been contacted via Sequences

Currently there is no way to filter by companies that are not in a sequence but this can be done for Contacts. This is done by using the filter: Contact Property - Now in sequence = NO. This will then match all Contacts that are not in a list.


However, when working with the above example for Contacts, whilst the list reveals all unassociated Contacts with a Sequence, there is still the possibility that another Contact from the Company is enrolled hence, the report would be inaccurate for actioning.


This is quite an important feature to have as it will help understand which Companies HubSpot users are in contact with and where there focus should lie going forward.


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Thanks for this Matthew,


This is actually a really important feature for us.


And more generally, the ability to have filters on companies whose contacts XXXXXX (ex: whose contacts have known phone numbers, whose CEO is known...).



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Ils ont raison !

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HakUptoo got a point !

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YES !!!


This is quite an important feature to have.


Best regards,

Jeff Levi