Filtering in Conversation Inbox

I would like more rich filter options in the conversation inbox. Currently, only very simplistic filtering options are available and you cannot save your filters. 


I would like to use filters for analytics and to make sure that our processes are working. An example of a use case is creating a filter of any conversations that don't have tickets associated with them or one of conversations that have 0 replies.


Adding the same type of filter system that is available in the ticket view would be awesome.

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Also, right now the 'date' filter is by all time, today, yesterday, this week... etc.

Several staff from my company feedback that it'd be even better if we can filter by the exact date.

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I would like to add to this that now that I have added a second channel I also have no option to view just one channel. This makes the channel significantly less useful because it is difficult to sort out a large group of emails.

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I agree! I want to filter by email subject and it's not currently possible 😞

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This is an excellent idea. I also need this feature, but is not available yet. 😞 

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+1 on this idea. It would also be nice to filter the conversations from the most ancient to the most recent, or to filter the conversation per email to look for potential duplicates (and then be able to merge it)

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Conversations appears to be modeled on an email client's inbox but stops way short of the functionality that those provide. Rules based folders and sorting is much needed for those of us that have a catch-all inbox. +3 (for the others on my team!)