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Filtering by contacts that global bounced

It would be great to have a filter that filters contacts by global bouncing,  not only if they unsubscribe from marketing emails.


F.e: If a contact is not working anymore in an enterprise and its email is disabled, it would be of great help this kind of filter to keep the database updated.

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yes please! 

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Why is it so hard to set a Contact property (current or new) to indicate this explicitly when immediately you go to the Contact record there is a big banner across the top of the page. if we could just get access to the property that sets that banner....


I'd like to add "Globally Bounced" as a filter criteria to mark contacts as Non-Marketing. It doesn't make sense to pay for globally bounced contacts in my contact tier...

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Hello. We just spent a day or so with this problem. We wrote a blog post to help everyone understand this. If you have any feedback on this blog, please let us know.

AND HubSpot, just break down and add a global bounce checkbox to the contact records so this pain can be eliminated. 


Yes, please. This would be a great feature. 


Any idea if we have any solution on this? It's been a while since this was problem was raised.


@IuliaArtean No, they don't have a solution for this yet. This week support created a list that shows Email Hard Bounce Reason is Known or Marketing Emails Bounced is Greater than or equal to 1. The list uncovered some records that need to be cleaned up but I'm having to review each record and few are "global bounces." 

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This idea for API access to check an email aginst the Global Bounce List may interest you.