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Filtering by contacts that global bounced

It would be great to have a filter that filters contacts by global bouncing,  not only if they unsubscribe from marketing emails.


F.e: If a contact is not working anymore in an enterprise and its email is disabled, it would be of great help this kind of filter to keep the database updated.

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How is this not a feature already?  (Or easier to discover if it already is...)


I found that some of our clients have global bounce tags on them. These are existing clients we communicate with regularly. It would be really helpful to be able to find them. 😕


Hello - I think I may have found a potential workaround to filtering this.


If you scroll down to "global bounce" it says that it includes unknown user and mailbox full.  Potentially if you filtered on that, you could find most of the global bounces?


I am going to pressure test this.

EDIT-tested it and it doesnt pull in globals.  SIGH


Thanks for trying, LDavis1.  🙂 


Feels like this should be easy to implement and obviously useful. Creating static lists after every email and then manually removing is less than ideal....


I agree, we desperately need this tool as we have paying customers who are bouncing that we need to identify before they email in and say "I haven't been getting your emails" - which is part of the service they pay for. Please implement this global bounce list!!


I want to agree as well that we need the ability to filter static contact lists for "global bounce" contacts. The only way I can find them is opening each contact individually, which gets burdonsom. 


This feature is a must have - it is quite limiting to only know someone is a global bounce because you have to chase down the contact uniquely then enter into their record.  Major misuse of my time when there is already data on the back-end flagging these emails - we just need a filter option so we can properly manage our contacts.  Keeping a globally bounce email in my contact repository is bad practice, yet I have no way to quickly identify all those that have globally bounced and clean up my database.


I did a bit of a deep dive on this and I believe I've found a workaround. For context, the use case I experienced was importing contacts from our SaaS application userbase.  After initial import some percentage of these contacts were marked as "Contact has bounced globally" without having sent any emails i.e. we had no historical basis to filter on to identify which of these users should be added to our global suppression list and/or removed from the CRM.


I had hoped the "hs_email_is_ineligible" property, which is a hidden property on contact records, would be populated & available via the API but no such luck. I also looked at: 

  • hs_email_bad_address
  • hs_email_bounce
  • hs_email_customer_quarantined_reason
  • hs_email_hard_bounce_reason
  • hs_email_hard_bounce_reason_enum
  • hs_email_is_ineligible
  • hs_email_optout
  • hs_email_quarantined
  • hs_email_quarantined_reason
  • hs_emailconfirmationstatus
  • hs_legal_basis
  • hs_sa_first_engagement_descr

The only field I was able to verify across 1,000+ globally bounced records as consistently being populated every single time when the contact record was marked as a global bounce (tested by navigating to the Contact record in the UI) was hs_email_hard_bounce_reason_enum. In every case this field was marked as "OTHER". 

To filter these contacts in the list view, I combined the filters:

  • Email hard bounce reason is any of "Other"
  • Recent sales email open date is unknown
  • Last marketing email open date is unknown


Translation: Give me all the contact records where we have "other" listed as the email hard bounce reason BUT also where we have nothing in terms of the last date/time the contact opened an email from our team. This isn't a silver bullet since there will still be use cases where you'll have email history with a contact & then they transition into a "global bounce" state. For those, I've found adding the unsubscribe filter helps since it seems those get bucketed into "Other" as well. 


this should be a criteria you can include like any other bounce criteria when building lists


Thank you austinkimhale -  I'm finding that contacts that have NOTHING at all in the Hard Bounce Reason field are also part of the Global Bounces. It's been impossible for me to locate who they are so I can make them non-marketing contacts so I'm not paying for contacts that I'm never goign to be able to email to. This is so frustrating! Hubspot you have the technology to prevent us from emailing these globally bounced contacts, so please make it automatic to mark as non-markeitng as well as allowing us to pull a lsit of them so we coudl remove them from our databases completley if that's what we choose to do.


Came here hoping to find a solution and disappointed there isn't a way to filter global bounces. Hubspot, this is much needed feature that seems like it would be relatively easy to implement.


HubSpot please consider this in your near future planning, I would really like a solution for this 🙏🏻


I also learned today that your support team can tell us the date someone globally bounced.  That too would be a helpful product feature...  Globally Bounced in 2020 is very meaningful information.  The use case for this was a new contact submitted a form to subscribe to our newsletter.  He globally bounced in 2020.  Given the form submit was this week, I did a validation run on Neverbounce and that email showed Valid.  When I reached out to support requesting an unbounce with a screenshot of the Neverbounce results, the agent said - no problem, this email bounced in 2020 and looks valid based on your screenshot.  During our contact curation of new leads, would could be so much better at investigating global bounces if 1. we could pull a quick list of them and 2. if we new when they globally bounced.  Please, you have the data...surface it 


Really need some improvements on how Globally Bounced works. 
1. If account has a dedicated IP then why is it affected by globally bounced (when there are so many false positives)

2. Why does a contact remain as a "marketing contact" when it is globally bounced by Hubspot?

3. How can we see a list of all globally bounced and more useful info than "Other"?

4. Why can we not "unbounce" these contacts within our portal?

Here are some other threads, maybe this can all be combined. 


+1 we need this 


Hi everyone,


I found a way to do this, but it's long and really annoying.


Here we go:

Go to Marketing > Email.  In the middle left hand section of the page, there's a list that says Email tools.  Select "email bounce tools", and then "Export unsubscribes and bounces".  Check "Include global bounces and unsubscribes".


It'll e-mail you a report as soon as possible - we had about 4,000 contacts and it generated a list in about 15 minutes.  Once that gets to you, download the .csv, and then go to Contacts > Lists.  Hit "Import" on the top right corner, and then "Start an Import", "Import file from computer", "One file", "One object", "Contacts" (nothing else on this page), and then FINALLY upload the .csv.


When you get to the contact mapping page, set it so that every property except for "Recipient" isn't imported.  And then make sure "Recipient" is mapped to Email.  Hit the "Don't overwrite contacts" button, and then wait another few minutes.


You finally have your list.  Segment and select the further contacts to your heart's desires and delete for good.


Annoyed that Hubspot just doesn't have a feature for this.  Good luck to everyone trying to follow these steps!


Just asked the ChatSpot AI tool (before checking the Community), and this is what it said...


"To create a list of all your contacts that have bounced globally, you need to follow these general steps:

1. Go to your HubSpot account and navigate to your contact list.
2. Create a new list or edit an existing one.
3. Set up a filter based on the email delivery status, selecting 'Globally Bounced'
4. Save and apply the filter."


No such filter exists! LOL


Thanks @tdj99 ! That was a great workaround 

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Agreed on this, having a "Globally bounced" list will help so much because right now there's no way to know if a contact we're sending a marketing/sales email to will go to them.